It’s time to ditch PDFs. The traditional way of preparing residents for move-in just doesn’t cut it anymore.

You could keep sending emails with PDF attachments detailing what to expect upon move-in, but this often results in renters losing interest and you spending time answering the same questions already covered in the PDF.

So how do you properly prepare your residents for move-in? Our friend Margo, a leasing professional, has the answer.

How to Best Prepare Residents for Move-In Day

There’s a delicate balance between ensuring your new resident feels comfortable on move-in day and your property is ready for occupancy.

Margo, a leasing professional at Kenect Apartments, understands this well. She excels at preparing renters for move-in while making sure her team has all the necessary items for the property.

She does this by creating videos, which is one of our recommended multifamily leasing tips. Let’s take a look at an example.



Can you feel the energy and excitement in the video? Margo warmly welcomes residents and explains the three items she needs from new residents to ensure their comfort: ID, payment, and renter’s insurance.

The best part? This video is only 30 seconds long. Margo created, edited, and published it using the Realync app, a DIY video tool for multifamily professionals.

Multifamily Leasing Tips: Use Video to Communicate Key Resident Information

Instead of sending an email or PDF document with move-in instructions, consider creating a video. You’ll stand out from the crowd and convey your important information quickly and effectively.