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About the Resource

Just about every apartment available for rent these days offers a virtual tour to prospective tenants. But these impersonal tours often aren’t able to capture the true charm of a unit, and renters may feel as though they still need an in-person visit before they commit.

This downloadable resource will explain exactly how you can use pre-recorded video tours to promote your property. It includes a step-by-step guide to get you started on using video to advertise your properties, as well as some of the market research supporting this approach.

Leasing Consultant Checklist

If you’re a leasing consultant for apartments and multifamily units, you have a lot to keep on top of. Even if you’ve been at it for a while and you know most of the leasing agent tips and tricks, it can still be overwhelming. Just think of everything on your plate: marketing and presenting the property in the best light, identifying and qualifying prospects, ordering background checks, signing new residents to leases, acting as landlord to those tenants and maintaining the building and grounds. But you can’t get so caught up in day-to-day tasks that you neglect the bigger picture: keeping track of property trends, developing ties into your community and understanding how your job is changing so you can grow professionally. That’s why you need a leasing consulting checklist. Not just a low-level lease checklist for the nuts and bolts tasks such as bringing on a new resident, but a broader checklist to prevent you from getting so caught up in today’s work that you shortchange the future of your community.

A leasing checklist template is a practical tool to guide you through the administrative portions of your job, but that’s not all checklists are good for. You can also use them to keep up with technology, to further your education and to develop personal skills. In short, to be organized and consistent in everything you do. To remind yourself of tasks that contribute to long-term goals. To ensure that all of your time doesn’t get eaten up by duties that are urgent in the short run. Your leasing consultant checklist isn’t only for the benefit of your property owners and apartment community; it’s a key for success for you and your career!

Leasing Daily Checklist

You may already use a leasing agent morning checklist where you sit with your coffee and plan the day ahead. That’s good, but it may not be enough. Does your leasing daily checklist describe only the leasing agent daily duties, or does it include leasing agent duties that need to be fulfilled sometime in the next week or sometime in the next few months? Your leasing agent daily checklist should include some items from your leasing consultant job description checklist so that every day you’re looking toward the future and staying on track for your bigger goals.

When an acquaintance who doesn’t understand the job asks, “What does a leasing agent do?” what response do you give? If you say you answer phones, put out fires, sign leases and place advertisements, that’s too constrained a view of your responsibilities. Yet that’s what a lot of informal to-do lists tend to be. However, if you think your job is to build and maintain a healthy, active and profitable apartment community, and to strive for even better communities in the future, then your checklist needs to include farsighted, macro tasks. Tasks that risk getting neglected if your nose is too deeply buried in today’s problems.

As you make out your leasing agent daily checklist, by all means, list the appointments and tasks that have to take place before you kick off your shoes tonight. But also refer to a greater checklist for your entire role, and ask yourself what you can do today that will make your life and your community better tomorrow, next week and next year.

Landlord Walkthrough Checklist

Every day, residents call you with complaints and requests. Some get into disputes with their neighbors. Others complain that you are unfair, that you gave a break to the resident across the hall and now you need to do the same for them. One of the hardest parts of your job is making sure you are consistent in the way you deal with everyone on the property. You cannot be concerned merely that the residents might think you play favorites or that you are only concerned about yourself. If you’re a fair and honest person, you ask yourself at the end of the day if everyone has received an equal shake. That’s why a landlord walkthrough checklist is so important to your peace of mind.

An apartment walkthrough checklist template can help you make sure you do things precisely the same way every time a resident makes a request or lodges a gripe. It can specify exactly what rules you are enforcing, how you enforce them and what the consequences for breaking those rules will be. If it’s used properly it provides a record, for you and for everyone else, of exactly what happened around an incident last month or six months ago.

If you keep and carefully adhere to a landlord walkthrough checklist, you don’t have to wonder what you did the last time such-and-such a situation came in. You’ll know, not only because you have a written record, but also because you consistently do things the same way. A checklist not only provides evidence to your residents that your dealings with them are even-handed but also helps you sleep better at night knowing you’ve dealt with people fairly and consistently.

Landlord Checklist Template

When you wear your landlord hat, it’s important not only to deal equitably in your specific interactions with residents but also to be consistent in everything you do. That’s where a landlord checklist template for your entire role comes in. While dealing with one-off resident problems is good and necessary, it’s even better to have an overall tenant checklist that specifies tasks in every aspect of the tenant-landlord relationship.

This list will remind you of what things are critical to proactively reach out to residents about to ensure the ongoing health of the community. You may have used a tenant move-in checklist for each new resident, and it’s right that you do that, but what mechanism do you have in place to touch base with them over time? Do you ask if they intend to renew, and, if not, why not? Do you know who’s happy with your community and who isn’t? Who has suggestions to make your apartment a better place to live? There are ways to learn these things, and those methods – personal calls, surveys, even informal chats in the hallway – can be on your list.

This higher-level approach – seriously considering what you can do to promote the property’s growth – doesn’t apply just to resident relationships but also to overall property management. For example, there are steps to be taken to ensure the long-term well-being of the physical building. Steps to sustain ongoing financial viability. Steps to stay competitive, such as checking in with online evaluations and social media to see how your community is perceived, and keeping up with the latest programs and amenities your competitors are offering. The right checklist can keep you on track to remaining current and relevant today and tomorrow.

Property Management Checklist

Have the furnace filters been changed? Is the chlorine level in the pool correct? Are any of the hallway lights burned out? Dozens of questions like these demand your attention, and you could spend every hour of every day quizzing the people who are supposed to be doing these things. This probably isn’t your favorite part of the job. You’d rather be talking with residents and prospects, planning marketing campaigns and thinking of new ways to excite and engage your residents. If you use a property management checklist and partner with your contractors and maintenance team in the use of the list, you can free up time to focus on the factors that improve your property rather than maintain the status quo.

What on the grounds needs to periodically be examined? Use your property inspection checklist template. Is that recently vacated apartment turned and all set for the new residents? Your routine rental inspection template makes sure you don’t miss anything. Is everything hunky-dory with your long-time residents? A quarterly rental inspection checklist can see that they don’t get ignored. When you and your organization first took charge, did you use a property management takeover checklist? Every leasing consultant should have access to one. If you did, you undoubtedly found your new situation a whole lot easier.

Leasing Agent Job Details

One of the obvious leasing agent skills and qualifications is a leasing agent license (especially if your state demands it). But you also need a knowledge of property, people skills, marketing acumen, tolerance of criticism and attention to leasing agent job details. The job also calls for a sizable dollop of common sense and a willingness to seek and handle responsibility. While a leasing agent salary and total earnings can be significant, particularly for the person who meets the senior leasing consulting job description and property manager role, a glance at any leasing agent job description pdf will tell you the job is neither simple nor easy.

At a high level, it includes marketing the community, knowing and maintaining the property, recruiting tenants and managing resident concerns. On a daily basis, a leasing agent might update the property’s website, conduct tours, welcome a new resident, resolve a resident complaint and walk the grounds to inspect anything from landscaping to utility rooms. At the same time, they can never lose sight of the ongoing health and wellness of the property or the future of their own careers. Keeping track of all this is a strain on even the sharpest individual. No wonder most of those who succeed rely on leasing consultant checklists.

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