real is what life is all aboutWith nearly all websites now having their own blog and news sites aggregating stories by the second, there is an overabundance of content streaming across the web seeking your attention on a daily basis. That is why we at ReaLync want to do one thing with our Keepin’ It Real blog – keep things real!

Our goal is to provide content on a weekly basis that is real, relatable, educational, and hopefully enjoyable. You can expect to see us talking about topics like The Future of Real Estate Tech, 5 Tips on How to Reduce Shake When Filming Properties, and insight about programs like the Elmspring Accelerator for real estate tech startups and more.

This focus on being real is what we at ReaLync are all about. Being real is not only what we expect of every person on our team, but also what fuels our passion for creating a technology that will truly save people time, money, and hassle in the real estate touring process by providing them real experiences of spaces virtually.

Let’s dive deeper on this concept of real:

We Believe Real is What Life is All About

Real. As is in authentic, true, personal, unique, custom… yes… real. The world is a busy place and technology has evolved to help us navigate the stormy seas of life. But the things we desire, the moments in life that feel the best, the ones we tell others about, are always the real ones.

Pick one:

Option 1) gaze at an online photograph of a sunset falling across a picturesque beach, or

Option 2) experience it first hand, as in sand between your toes, salty air in your nose, birds calling in your ears and the warmth of the sun glowing on your face.

We believe Option 2 is what life is all about: authentic, real interactions. Of course, we also believe it’s not always that easy. At ReaLync, we exist to bridge the gap for people when the desire for real interactions isn’t possible due to physical distance.

Allowing buyers or renters to fulfill their desires by viewing what’s important to them, is important to us. Our uniquely crafted web and mobile platforms provide clients a look into and around properties in real time. These tours are hosted by trained agents who showcase the sights and sounds of spaces live, in real time. Each experience is uniquely tailored to each individual buyer and renter, allowing them to truly see what it is they want to see.

While having real experiences is awesome, we get it—making the trek isn’t always feasible, and it is certainly not the most convenient. That is why ReaLync exists. We believe in simplifying the search and giving buyers/renters the closest thing to the real thing as possible.

Check back on Keepin’ It Real next week as we continue to dive deeper into what makes ReaLync tick and start showcasing some of the great real estate tech coming into the market. Until then – keep it real!