Learning how to make a virtual tour for multifamily properties is not a one-size-fits-all, turnkey situation. The truth is, the most effective guidance for virtual tours will vary from property to property based on multiple variables. It has a lot to do with your answers to these questions:

  • What are your current leasing goals?
  • Are you a stabilized community or in lease-up phase?
  • What are your prospects looking for?
  • What sort of virtual tour software or virtual leasing platform or equipment is available to the leasing team?
  • Are you outsourcing or looking to learn how to make a virtual tour with an iphone and a virtual tour app?

A virtual tour can mean a lot of different things. It encompasses everything from 360 and 3D virtual tours on a website homepage to customized pre-recorded video tours to live video tours.

The good news? This article will focus on how to make a virtual tour for pre-recorded and live video tours and how to create low-cost videos that win leases effectively.


This may not come as a surprise to many of you – If you’re looking for a how-to guide on making a virtual tour for multifamily, the number one thing to remember is that the experience has to be personalized for your prospect. That’s the most important aspect of creating a virtual tour and it works. This brings in clicks with your prospects and it converts them to signed leases.

Your pre-recorded video tour or live video tour must be customized and catered based on each individual prospect. That means you should focus on what that prospect has specifically told you they’re interested in – a one-bedroom? A pool? A dog park?

Is that the simple how-to guide you were looking for? Maybe not, but it is the truth. No virtual tour is going to work for every prospect and lead that comes through your door. Even the best virtual tour creator or best virtual tour app for iPhone or Android won’t be able to create a one-size-fits-all virtual tour.

That’s why you’ll need do-it-yourself (DIY) capabilities at your fingertips. Then, you can shoot and record videos of your community on your own, building your video library. You won’t be stuck with a library of old, stale videos. Instead, you can quickly and efficiently shoot unit-specific and amenity-specific videos. Then, those videos will exist in an easy-to-access library for you to edit, update and share with leads. That level of personalization starts to build and instill the necessary trust in converting them to a signed lease in the most efficient way possible.

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Virtual Tour Experiences

Knowing that every virtual tour experience should be different is the ultimate tip for how to make a virtual tour. But, there are a few more how-to tips we can offer that will underscore that one.

Look at how you tour prospects in person. How do you walk prospects through your property when they come in for a physical tour? How do you set up your units and where do you start and end each tour? What do you think your specific prospect will want to see most? Set your virtual tour up the same way.

Find a built for multifamily virtual leasing solution. Finding the right technology is going to make creating, storing, and sharing these tours monumentally easier. Look for a solution that:

  • Integrates with your existing technologies
  • Provides a variety of tour options – virtual, in person or both
  • Is Fair Housing compliant and follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Capture a tour the same way you would an in-person tour. Show exactly what that prospect needs and wants to see. Personalize the tour and approach it the way you would walk someone through the property physically. Answer all their questions and proactively address any you think they may have. Give them the in-person experience, only capture that experience virtually. Then share it with your prospect! Maybe they want you to email the playlist of pre-recorded tours. Perhaps they want to watch the videos with you virtually so that you can answer their questions in real-time.

We realize this only covers the foundational aspects of how to make a virtual tour for multifamily. While that is, of course, critical information, there’s a lot more information you may want to know.

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