While iPhones have a market share advantage, Android mobile devices continue to have a loyal and devoted fan base. As a multifamily leasing consultant, you should be able to shoot apartment video tours on whichever mobile device you choose.

Video tours of real estate properties are critical for leasing success in today’s real estate market. The device you choose should work with that. Luckily, Realync is ready for that.

How to create an Android apartment video tour? Well, it’s as easy as downloading the Realync app on your Android device and starting to film! But we’re guessing you may want a little more guidance than that.

To help you out, here are our top tips, tricks, and best practices for recording a video tour of an apartment using your Android device.

Built for Multifamily

If you’re looking at how to make a virtual tour with an Android device, you’re first going to want to ensure your virtual tour software is built for multifamily real estate. What does that mean? A few features a video touring and leasing platform should specify if they are built for multifamily. They should have easy, built-in editing capabilities. They should also offer royalty-free music options. If not, you’ll be paying extra to have both of those things included on the back end.

Another critical feature you’ll want, whether you’re working with Android or iOS, is that your virtual tour platform is both Fair Housing Complaint and meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We all know how important it is to stay Fair Housing and WCAG compliant, which the right platform will be compliant with these guidelines.

Use the Right Add-ons

There are a few add-ons to make an Android apartment video tour even better. The first of those being an anti-shake gimbal. Using this simple tool to stabilize your mobile device when recording a video can be the difference between an amazing virtual tour and your tour looking like a movie!

Does your Android have a wide-angle lens? If not, you should look into adding one to your video production toolbox. A wide-angle lens can help capture the space and showcase the full dimensions and flow of your apartments. One other accessory to consider is lighting. If your community struggles with natural light, or if you’re filming in the winter months and there just isn’t much natural light available, some lighting assistance can do wonders.

All of these are affordable accessories that can really make a difference in your production quality without relying on outside virtual tour services.

Shooting Best Practices

Another tip for learning how to create a virtual tour with an Android is don’t shoot in one long, continuous clip. Break your shots up into individual mini-videos. For example, record walking through the front door into the entryway. Then stop. Then, in a new clip, record the living room and stop. Go room by room following this shoot and stop formula. It not only looks more professional, but it gives you significantly more editing flexibility. If you mess something up, like you forgot to shut the toilet lid, and you’re three minutes into the recording, you’ll have to start from the beginning. While that may not seem like a lot, over time, it adds up. By filming clip by clip, you’ll be able to record clips quickly and efficiently.

Also, when you’re shooting, stand and pan around the room. Even with a gimbal, if you pick your point and do a slow pan of the room, turning at your hips, it will be the smoothest shot. Even the most fearful of video takers will get that smooth, professional shot.

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Cloud-Based is a Must

Finally, the virtual tour creator or virtual tour app you use with your Android should be cloud-based. Your video tours should be cloud-based, accessible, able to be embedded and shared and sent easily and quickly. This means getting videos to prospects with the touch of a button. And not only that, but you’ll have full tracking data and analytics. You’ll know what works and what doesn’t.

Whether it’s an Android or an iPhone, creating a high-quality video tour is a must. But, most of all, these videos need to be authentic. These best practices for creating an Android apartment video tour can help make your videos the best they can be. However, it’s up to you to make sure the content is real and authentic. That’s what your prospects really want, regardless of the device you use.

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