The popularity and overall importance of online video is undeniable. When it comes to capturing and keeping the attention of today’s consumer, few channels are more effective. In fact, by 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index. In addition to that, 72 percent of people would rather use video than any other channel to learn about a product or service.

For today’s multifamily communities, and regular readers of this blog, the value of video is clear. It helps drive engagement, it’s easy, extremely impactful, and can draw in today’s highly valued Gen Z and Millennial market better than any other method.

Live video in particular is a perfect way to engage with both a broad audience and one-on-one when distance or time is a barrier preventing someone from visiting in person. Leasing agents can conduct open houses or personal tours via live video, showcase the neighborhood while live, and answer any questions on the spot. Plus, its what the consumer wants. 80 percent of audiences would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82 percent prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

However, many property managers and leasing agents think of video as just a way to get a potential new resident “in the door,” so to speak. If that is all they use live video for, they are missing a huge closing opportunity. They have the attention of a valuable lead. Why not take the most advantage possible? Capitalize on that attention with a focused end goal converting that lead.

Live video is so much more than just a way to market a multifamily property or post something creative on social media. Video can be one of the most valuable and impactful sales enablement solutions available for an onsite leasing team.

Live Video as a Sales Tool

Thinking about it, it really is common sense. If the audience’s attention is captured, keep it and close the deal.

Video is a much more engaging tool than email or phone calls, particular if the video is live and one-on-one. For example, if the most successful live video tour ever just occurred and the leasing agent chooses to email or call as the follow up, closing this prospective renter could be at risk. They were basically in the office during the live video tour; use that time to pull them the rest of the way through the funnel.

For many prospective residents, it isn’t a given that they’ll be able to come in, visit the property, and sit down with a leasing agent. Or, they may simply not want to. Sitting back down ‘together’ in the leasing office via live video after conducting a tour can be the thing that saves a sale and/or gets it to the finish line quicker. Keep the video going for a face-to-face conversation while sitting at your desk with the prospective resident live on the other side. Fill out information about them, ask them questions, get to know them, and all the while, be building towards an application. Having that prospective resident live and in front of you via video is literally the next closest thing to having that prospective resident sitting there in person. Simply being equipped and prepared to connect with that lead through live video and having a focused attitude that you can convert them sight-unseen could be the difference between losing and signing a lead.

The Real Deal

This all sounds great…in theory, right? But it’s more than just theory. It is really happening. In the last week, Realync saw two different communities host over 30 minute live video tours for prospective residents.

In both cases, the leasing agent took the prospective resident for a tour of the property, showcasing all of the amenities and specific floor plans. At the end of the tour, the agents, with their virtual clients, ended up back in the leasing office. While there, they pulled up the lease application on the spot to discuss pricing and offers. By not stopping with the tour, these savvy agents used video to do more, saving time and money on all ends of the deal.

The power of video is only going to continue to grow. It’s time to use it to its greatest advantage. Live video creates a more human connection and instills both trust and transparency into the process. Once that prospective renter has spent time with an agent, built a relationship, and seen the space that they could be living in as it stands at that point in time, they can trust and relate to things in a much more personalized way. That connection, while once preserved only for in person interactions, can now be created virtually and is more likely to get that lease signed sight unseen.

If you have any questions on how you can increase your sight unseen leasing with prospective residents or simply want to differentiate or streamline your leasing efforts, contact to see how you can get started. 

Until next time…keep it real!