And just like that – 2021 is over! 2021 gave us a look at how technology continues to disrupt multifamily. And, we saw the incredible impact video has on communities’ marketing, leasing and engagement efforts!

2021 By the Numbers

It’s clear that the industry is evolving, and we’re excited to be alongside that change. But, what will never change is our love and appreciation towards our clients. Our main goal at Realync has always been to equip on-site teams with video solutions and data-backed video strategies that actually make on-site teams’ day-to-day operations run smoother, more efficiently, and have real, actionable results. This way, we can make teams confident and successful day in and day out. So, here’s a look back at all the videos our clients created in 2021. We hope 2022 brings you just as much success!

“2021 was quite the year for the multifamily industry. Transitioning out of ’emergency response mode’ was tough amidst ever-changing circumstances. What I’m most proud of though is how teams did not just revert back to what they were doing prior to 2020. We saw teams and companies innovating at speeds our industry has never seen before to ensure that their communities are equipped for success in the near and long-term,” said Matt Weirich, Co-founder and CEO of Realync.

“One of those areas was how video (live and pre-recorded) is now viewed as a staple for on-site teams and is being integrated into their leasing processes as a pillar of hybrid leasing approaches.” 

Defend, or make, your case for how and why video will make your day-to-day operations run smoother! See how video can be your new strategy to improve performance for the entire resident lifecycle (i.e., reaching prospects in other states, saving yourself time by scheduling live tours or sending pre-recorded tours, etc.) Reach out when you’re ready! 👋

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