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How Glick Has Smashed Goals With Realync For Over 8 Years

"We love the Realync tool! It allows leasing teams to appeal to prospects’ needs with virtual touring. It's such a great way for prospects to get real insight into our apartment communities."

Rosie North

Digital Media Manager, Gene B. Glick Company

The Trailer

Why has Gene B. Glick Company—also known as “Glick”— partnered with Realync for over eight years to create video content?

Rosie North, a Digital Media Manager at Glick, gave us all the answers. She shared why they started using video at their properties, how their property teams use video content today, and their plans for the future with Realync.

The story began in 2016.

In a time when consumers enjoyed Beyonce’s new Lemonade album and Rio’s summer Olympics, consumers also grew to desire more tailored experiences.

Simultaneously, there was an increase in demand for convenient experiences driven by tech advancements. It started to become apparent even in the multifamily industry.

Glick recognized this consumer shift and wasn’t about to lose potential renters. Glick knew they needed to appeal to prospects’ needs and offer more tailored, convenient experiences through virtual tours.

They turned to Realync for 25 of their conventional apartment properties.

The Challenge

“Glick is a company that wants to ensure all of its property teams have every tool necessary to do their jobs well,” said Rosie North when we asked what makes Glick special.

In 2016, Glick’s property teams searched for a solution to efficiently connect with prospective renters in different states. They turned to Realync, using its video platform to engage renters remotely. By using video for virtual tours, they saved time for on-site teams and reached out-of-state renters.

Moving into 2020, Glick’s property teams pivoted to fully virtual leasing. Instantly, they were ahead of the curve because they had a video library already built, allowing them to win against the competition.

As their video library grew and new content continued to be captured, they encountered a fresh challenge: maintaining consistent branding.

The Outcome

Over the past year, Rosie and her marketing team dedicated their efforts to preserving consistent branding—something that comes naturally to marketers.

How did they accomplish this? Through the Realync’s Reviews feature and a detailed checklist.

Rosie shared they love the ability to approve video content through Realync. With Realync’s Reviews feature, videos are immediately sent for approval to reviewers before they can be shared publicly across channels with prospects and renters.

This allows reviewers to quality-check the video, branding, and other necessary requirements before a video is shared publicly.

“We also use the Realync video recording checklist to ensure all property videos meet our Glick standards,” said Rosie.

Get Your Checklist for How to Create a Virtual Tour

Lastly, we asked Rosie how they’ll continue to measure success with Realync.

“We look at customer touchpoints to see if Realync was a part of that journey. In addition, we look at video views to determine if a video is successful and engaging enough.”

Glick’s prospects who saw a Realync video tour converted 38% of the time, impacting leases valued at a total of $3 million in 2023. Prospects who didn’t engage with a Realync tour only converted 7% of the time.

The Future goal

In 2024, Glick wants to continue evolving their video strategy to enhance the renter experience—and stay ahead of the competition.

Rosie mentioned their focus will be to:

  • Keep Property Websites Current: Update property websites with the latest video content to showcase their spaces accurately.
  • Enhance Floorplans with Video Tours: Add engaging video tours to floorplans.
  • Audit: Conduct yearly video content audits to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • Automate Videos: Use automation for resident-focused videos to increase efficiency.
  • Streamline Transitions: Simplify move-in and move-out processes via Yardi with video playlists.

Rosie said, “It’s important for our teams to use Realync because it is such a great tool for them and for prospects to see our beautiful Glick properties!”

About Gene B. Glick Company

With more than 75 years in history of investing in their team members, residents and the communities they serve, the Glick Company continues to build values for people and places. As one of the largest privately held real estate ownership, development, and management firms in the U.S., Glick has more than 21,000 units in 13 states.

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About Realync

Realync is a complete virtual touring solution for multifamily teams. Realync’s all-in-one video solution enables multifamily teams to create memorable experiences, lease efficiently, and communicate effectively with current and prospective residents. To learn more, please visit us at

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