At some point or another, we’ve all wished for a superpower or two. Especially when it comes to ways to amp up your leasing efforts. If traffic has slowed or halted due to COVID-19, or your leasing efforts are simply in a slump, there are some key ways that a proper apartment video tour can instantly help amp up those efforts. And with Realync’s tour creator platform, those apartment tours can be yours instantly!

Let’s look at how you can get your own leasing superpowers and amp up your virtual leasing efforts simply by being a top notch apartment tour creator! 


Your prospect is in Portland, Maine and suddenly you teleport them to your community in Portland, Oregon in seconds! Wait, is that even possible? With Realync, it sure is.  Simply pull up a live virtual tour and you can “teleport” your prospective clients straight to your property. Suddenly, just by hopping on their mobile devices, they are touring your multifamily property immediately no matter where they are. It’s quick, easy, and a much more real experience than a 360 virtual tour software gives. Nothing is more powerful than that human-to-human interaction when it comes to instilling trust and transparency in the leasing process. So step on up and give live video tours a try to bring your clients straight into your property, no matter where they physically are. 


You may be wondering why invisibility is relevant or even a good thing when it comes to showing an apartment building. Well, we’ve been told that Realync can make you invisible. Not in the horror movie way, but in the 100% transparent way. Unlike a 3D virtual tour or highly polished, theatrical video that doesn’t showcase the property in a transparent way, Realync’s video leasing solution doesn’t let anything or anyone cloud the tour experience. Prospective residents see clearly what the property offers without any unnecessary photoshop or overly processed features. They are able to get a clear, authentic view of the community without anything or anyone clouding it. So, in a way, you are invisible and can let the property speak for itself. 

Transform Objects  

First it’s one thing, then blink and it’s another! Another superpower Realync’s video leasing platform can give you is the power to transform things. You know that phone in your purse or pocket? Now it is a leasing enablement solution and tour creator all-in-one! Realync helps you go beyond simply wondering “how do I make a virtual tour on my iPhone” and turns your iPhone into your secret leasing weapon. Not only can you create polished, professional pre-recorded videos to send to prospective residents to help vet and qualify leads while pushing them through the leasing process, but you can also connect via live video tour to do what you do best, sell your community! The Realync team also helps you learn how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone. No more messing with expensive cameras. Your mobile device is transformed to do it all.  

Wish Fulfillment 

Granting wishes would be a pretty great superpower for a leasing agent. You want what? Okay. *waves hands* Here you go! Well, Realync can sort of make that happen for you. Your prospects want a real, authentic touring experience that is safe, secure, shows them what they want to see and is on their time. That’s where Realync basically makes you the genie without the bottle. You can give them all of that simply by having the proper virtual tour creator. Taking the tours to them via live video tour allows you to personalize the tour to show them what they really want to see. Good luck finding free online virtual tours or free virtual tour apps that can do that while also integrating into your systems and providing automatic follow up with tour recordings as well. Oh – and you can also grant your own wishes of leases signed courtesy of these personalized experiences for your prospects. 

See the Future

Well, at least your leasing future. Realync can help get more people into your community sight unseen and creates a faster lead-to-lease ratio than you ever thought possible. Using Realync as your virtual tour creator means giving quick and easy live tours with a mobile device and / or personalizing videos and sharing them with prospects in the blink of an eye. So, in some ways you can predict that your future will be filled with happy prospects who are satisfied with the level of service and personalized tour experience that you’re providing them. 

While using the Realync video leasing solution as your apartment tour creator may not turn you into Marvel’s latest hero, it will help you supercharge and amp up your leasing efforts in a way that will produce real results for you, your team, and your community. Listening to consumers and delivering the experiences they’re looking for versus trying to fit them into a process not catered to their needs is going to be the #1 thing that sets you apart moving forward. Make sure that you’re equipped to provide the experiences your prospects are looking for and you’ll be their superhero. 

Until next time…keep it real!