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Elms Fells Point Received 285 Unit-Level Videos in 7 days with Realync's Videography Services

"Adding video to your marketing and leasing strategies is a must. It's worth the investment. With video becoming a common choice, potential residents expect to see a unit through video."

Megan Adams

Director of Marketing, Legend Management Group

The Challenge

Legend Management Group reached out to Realync to discuss the possibility of a novel project: Create unit-level videos for all 285 apartments at Elms Fells Point, a brand new premier apartment community in the lively-hip Fells Point district of Baltimore, Maryland.

“We wanted individual unit videos to showcase each apartment’s uniqueness. This way, prospective tenants know exactly what they’re getting. Virtual tours are especially helpful for out-of-town prospects,” Megan Adams expressed.

Laurie Shade, Senior Director of New Construction and Marketing at Legend Management Group, continued, “Pictures don’t do it justice. Video gets someone the closest to actually being there.”

When it came to choosing the best video partner to take on this novel challenge, Legend had some priorities: Quality, consistency, ease of implementation, and price.

Megan shared, “We were shocked with how affordable Realync video is on a per-unit basis. When we told our owners how much it was per unit, I felt like their jaws were on the floor.”

After seeing the quality and consistency of the video content, they bought in on Realync immediately.” With the pioneering scope of this project, the timeline for completion was an estimate. What ended up happening is one for the books…

The Implementation

The Realync videography team filmed, edited, and published videos for 285 apartments with 42 floorplans in under seven days.

On average, it took the Realync team 12 minutes to create a unique video per apartment. They produced around five videos per hour and 40 videos per day.

To estimate the time it would take to create a full video library for your community, use this formula: 

(# of units x 12 mins) / 60 mins = # of hours to create / 8 hours = # of days for the Realync team to film, edit, and publish videos for every unit. 

For example, 200 units would take just under five days to complete. 

The videos were quickly made, professional, consistent, and affordable. The catch? There isn’t one — you tell us what you need, we deliver.

Hear what the Legend team had to say about their Realync Service experience:

“Working with Realync has been excellent! Unlike other vendors, where we often find ourselves waiting for responses, the experience with the Realync team has been the opposite. They’re self-sufficient, straightforward, and enthusiastic,” said Megan Adams

Once the videos were published, it was time for integration. After some quick training, the Elms Fells Point leasing team swiftly integrated their video content into their prospect communications.

Meanwhile, the Realync team integrated the video content into the property’s SightMap and listings.

Megan Adams shared, “Implementing video with Realync was effortless. It required minimal effort on our end to capture and integrate these professional videos for both our prospects and our team to utilize.” 

In no time, Elms Fells Point’s video content went live and started receiving engagement across all channels: Website, ILS, social media, and email.

The Impact

Over three months, there were a total of 3,931 views. Most of these views came from Engrain and video embeds. The team could view these analytics in the Realync Analytics Dashboard.

In all, this resulted in 40+ hours of total view time.

A video tour length is ~ 2 minutes so the 40+ hours of view time translates to about 1,200 virtual tours. If each in-person tour typically takes 30 minutes to an hour, then the video tours’ three-month output equates to 75-150 full days of work for a single leasing agent.

How effective are virtual tours at helping leases close? We ran a 100-day report and found that 37% of signed leases engaged with Realync content.

“The videos assist prospects in deciding which units to visit before their actual visit. Video significantly streamlines the work of your on-site team, and there is undoubtedly a tangible return on investment,” says Megan Adams.

The implementation of video in Elms Fells Point’s marketing and leasing strategies has been a game-changer.

The use of unit-level videos has provided potential residents with an authentic and personalized virtual touring experience.

Megan Adams states, “Video is crucial for showcasing apartments. Businesses shouldn’t delay in adopting video because the expectation of prospects to view a video of their unit will only grow in the future.”

As Legend Management Group expands its portfolio on the East Coast, it will continue to look to Realync as its preferred video partner.

“We are so glad we partnered with Realync. It feels good knowing we have 285 beautifully shot videos forever for Elms Fells Point. It’s not just marketing for us now; we will be able to use these videos five, ten years from now."

Laurie Shade

Senior Director Of New Construction and Marketing at Legend Management Group

About Legend Management Group

Legend Management Group is a Washington, DC, metro area-based apartment management group that has served greater Washington’s most discerning residents for nearly three decades.  Along with their owners, Elm Street Development, Legend has developed, acquired and managed distinguished apartment communities set in highly sought-after locations.

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About Realync

Realync is a multifamily video engagement platform unlocking authentic experiences that connect and convert across the entire prospect and resident lifecycle. Realync’s all-in-one video solution enables multifamily teams to create memorable experiences, lease efficiently and communicate effectively with current and prospective residents. To learn more, please visit us at

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