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Early Adopter Spotlight: Chestnut Hill Chooses Video Leasing

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“104 leases were impacted by a Realync video in 2019.”

Thomas Higgins

Marketing Manager, Chestnut Hill Realty


Chestnut Hill Realty implemented Realync in 2018 with one main goal: to obtain more leases. Realync was initially introduced as an optional tool for their leasing staff members in 2018 when, up to that point, Chestnut Hill Realty only used professional videos for advertising.

Chestnut Hill had just implemented a new leasing management system and it was a difficult time to introduce yet another new technology. However, they very quickly witnessed success leveraging the Realync platform and, as a result, Realync has become an essential leasing tool being utilized by all of their leasing teams.


Initially, Chestnut Hill had its doubts about using video that was not of professional quality. But within weeks, they learned that prospective residents appreciated the ability to access tailored videos of specific apartment units.

In an effort to get their teams to adopt this new technology, Chestnut Hill created “Realync Expectations” that were implemented company-wide. These expectations are continuously modified and reviewed during group leasing training sessions and help guide their teams through various seasons and company goals / objectives.


104 leases were impacted by a Realync video in 2019. 

With explosive usage growth over the years, Chestnut Hill has produced a large library of pre-recorded tours that now also includes live video tours. While initially skeptical, their teams have fully embraced this virtual leasing culture using DIY video on the Realync platform. They’ve even begun to expand their video efforts beyond just leasing activities and have started sending Realync videos as a follow-up after in-person and self-guided tours, move-in videos for new residents, and more.


In addition to in-person and self-guided tours, Chestnut Hill plans to continue offering virtual tours well into the future. They also plan to continue providing prospective residents with Realync videos as a follow up for all tour types. While it may have taken a bit of time to stick, the Chestnut Hill team sees virtual leasing as a process and system that will stay with them teams for the long-haul.

“Realync has proven to be a very effective leasing tool for us, especially during these challenging times. While our physical offices were closed to the public, we were still able to provide prospective residents with a personalized tour experience. We also recently added Realync videos to our website and this has helped streamline our leasing process in new ways as well.”

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For 50 years, Chestnut Hill Realty has been in the business of helping people find great apartment rentals to call home from Boston to Providence.

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About Realync

Realync is a multifamily video engagement platform unlocking authentic experiences that connect and convert across the entire prospect and resident lifecycle. Realync’s all-in-one video solution enables multifamily teams to create memorable experiences, lease efficiently and communicate effectively with current and prospective residents. Realync partners with many of the nation’s largest property owners and managers and is actively being used in over 500,000 units today.

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