At Realync, we have a two-day team event, called Roo Roundup, twice a year. It’s a time for our whole team to be together to reflect on where we’ve been, and envision both where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. I’m Sarah, Realync’s sole Graphic Designer! 👋  As I’m sure you can guess, I design a lot of marketing, sales, and client success materials to help our existing and future clients find relevant, meaningful information about Realync’s platform.

After Roo Roundup in July of 2021, I left the event super inspired and excited about Realync’s roadmap and vision! So, I used that momentum to begin thinking about how I, a graphic designer, could make an impact that would propel our company forward. For me, I wanted to see how I could think outside the box and make a bigger splash as a graphic designer.

I was driving home to my parent’s house–through three hours of Indiana cornfields–when everything sort of came together. You see, I have always been passionate about brand identity, and because of that, I subscribe to Brand New, a blog that showcases rebrands and brand refreshes of companies of all sizes and industries. My eyes were on the road (I promise!) but my mind was wandering between how I can make a difference at Realync, and my passion for strong brand identities.

When I got to my parents’ house, I gave some quick hello hugs and then immediately got to work on moving everything from my mind to my screen. A few short hours later, I had the first version of Realync’s new logo drafted. We have a strong culture of sharing before we’re ready, so I did just that. I shared with my Marketing Director, Robyn, who guided me through a few more iterations before I moved on to share with Realync’s Leadership Team.

Shameless plug: it is incredibly amazing to work at Realync. The Leadership Team listens to ideas from all levels at the company, and they supported me in making mine a reality. My idea was welcomed with open arms, and before I knew it I was creating style guidelines and rolling out brand new assets – I even painted our brand new office!

A Bit More on the Realync Logo…

As you can see, we’ve adjusted slightly to go from geometric and “techy” to a bit more real and friendly. This change is much more aligned with our genuine attitude towards each other and to our clients.

A Bit More on Realync’s Colors…

We’ve added a Realync Navy and adjusted our other colors slightly to better align to web accessibility guides and give us a fresh look. (In case you’re wondering, I used WebAIM to check our contrast levels against WCAG standards.)

Realync Looks a Bit Different, But Realync is Still the Same at its Core

Even though we’ve made a lot of exciting changes, we still offer the same great product and support. Oh, and if you’re in the multifamily industry and you’re looking for a little thing like a video solution that will help you make a big splash on your everyday operations, try out Realync (sorry not sorry for a second shameless plug!).

Take a look around our website to see how we’ve refreshed its entirety!

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