I’ve seen multifamily execute some very successful video strategies for almost 10 years now. There’s a tried and true formula for creating a high-performing video strategy, which we have our clients follow. And we’re giving it away for free — ungated.

I always say video doesn’t have to be complicated to succeed. And that’s the foundation for this plan. Then layer in that smarter leasing starts with meeting your renters’ demands.

➡️ Personalized experiences
➡️ Convenient touring options
➡️ Instant answers to questions

It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but we’re now seeing our clients reap the benefits of creating and executing on video strategies that guide their teams throughout the entire calendar year.

The most popular videos?

➡️ Unit-level videos
➡️ Amenity videos
➡️ Follow-up video after an in-person tour
➡️ Maintenance how to’s (i.e., garbage disposal reset button)

Our clients see an average 4X increase in their lead-to-lease conversion rates when they use video throughout the renter lifecycle.

Get a glimpse into the Realync’s formula for creating highly effective videos for the next 12 months and join us in making multifamily real.