By Ibby Ahmed

This time last year, almost down to the day, our world shifted into a reality we are still living in. Being socially distant, quarantining to keep others and ourselves safe, and not visiting people or businesses in person became normal. In that time, video started to consume everyone’s lives.

Matt Weirich, CEO and Co-Fouder of Realync, a DIY video touring platform, sat down with PERQ’s EVP of Marketing, Muhammad Yasin, to take a look back at how virtual touring quickly became a go-to solution for multifamily communities and how to keep it relevant after the pandemic.

Create Meaningful Content

A large part of how the Realync team was able to scale their video solution so quickly during a critical time was their approach on authenticity.

Matt says, “The biggest thing about fostering the feeling of ‘home’ is keeping it authentic.” Keeping a real and honest tone to videos allowed leasing teams to adapt and take the pressure off of shooting a production quality video.

One of the biggest takeaways of the conversation was “humanize the experience.” Don’t be afraid to use the prospect’s name in the video or call out specific details about the unit you know the prospect is searching for. At the end of the day, the unit you are showing them is going to be their home. The video should make them feel as such.

Once you are comfortable shooting the videos, you should think about how to take them to the next level. Following guidelines such as:

  • Using a video stabilizer when possible
  • Stand and Pan! (Don’t walk and shoot at the same time)
  • Always try to shoot facing away from a window to allow natural light into the room
  • Being cohesive and showing a natural flow when editing
  • When in doubt, pre-recorded videos are your best friends

Video as a Multi-Channel Tool

Matt also mentioned how video can be used as a multi-channel tool instead of just for leasing teams.

Some examples of this is having your on-site team shoot and send a welcome video to new residents. Include where amenities are located, leasing office hours or simply an introduction of the team.

Maintenance teams can jump into video as well, providing examples of how to submit for maintenance requests or simple do’s and don’ts of when to call for maintenance help.

The most important thing to remember when using video as a multi-channel solution is know where and how to post your videos. If you are calling out a prospect’s name or any personal information in the video, that should be shared directly with that prospect and that prospect only. If your video is broad and shows off a unit, the amenities or members of the team, those can and should be shared anywhere prospects can view content (ex social media, YouTube, property website)

The Future of Video Tours

When asked about the future of video tours, Matt provided some great insight. He shared some words one of his Realync clients mentioned to him “It’s not up to me as a leasing agent to decide what the prospect does or does not want to see, it’s up to me to provide the opportunity.”

The biggest takeaway is many people have become accustomed to doing things virtually. Video is not going anywhere and it is up to multifamily teams to continue giving video tours as an option for their prospective renters.

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