In any competitive industry, it’s critical to keep up with all of the latest trends, news, stories, and changes impacting your daily role, technology, clientele, and future. These news sources can not only provide key updates helping you from falling behind, but can also help you get and stay ahead of the competition as well.

The multifamily industry is more competitive now than ever before. If you’re a multifamily professional, it is more critical than ever to stay up-to-date on multifamily news, including all the new strategic, technological, and demographic trends. That’s all great, but when you look at the major publications intermixed with all of the great works being produced by apartment associations as well, then all of a sudden, the number of options on where to find your source of news really adds up. Finding the best source(s) for the information you’re looking for without wasting too much time can be a drain on already busy schedules. There aren’t many in the industry who have the free time to comb website after magazine after blog searching for the multifamily industry news that would be valuable to them.

Each option has something different to offer and some are a little more comprehensive than others. In order to best manage the time and effort it can take to break through the noise, here are five favorite multifamily industry news sources to help those in the industry to stay ahead of the curve:

  1. Bisnow Mulitfamily

Bisnow takes even the most boring areas of multifamily real estate, and let’s admit it, there ARE areas that can be a little boring, and presents them in a fun, interesting, and conversational style. From trends in 3D printing to hot new developments, Bisnow has it covered. They also produce conferences and networking opportunities for those in the industry to get together and talk shop. While they span and cover a lot of commercial real estate topics, they devote a large amount of content strictly to multifamily industry news. If having news presented the same way a good friend or colleague would give it sounds appealing, Bisnow Multifamily is the place to go.

  1. Multifamily Executive

When talking about a comprehensive news source, Multifamily Executive should be the first place on the list. Their articles don’t just cover general multifamily industry trends, they dive deep into the specifics. They cover business and finance, property management, design and development, technology, and other resources. They also cover geographically specific multifamily news. For example, an article covering a new New York City development is right next to an article about new Denver multifamily developments – all next to an article about how to hire the best possible maintenance team. With an easy layout and search function, multifamily professionals, no matter the area, can find whatever specific news they are looking for quickly and easily.

  1. Multi-housing News (“MHN”)

Multi-housing news, or MHN, aims to provide current and complete news to multifamily industry leaders. The level of news, information and analysis provided by this news source will help any multifamily professional run their property with greater efficiency – and that can mean with greater profitability. MHN publishes a monthly digital magazine in addition to the online daily updated news stories. The daily updates include industry research and marketing reports, speciality newsletters, case studies, analysis of trends, plus a listing of industry events. The monthly magazine allows for longer pieces diving deep into the multifamily trends that will impact the industry as a whole.

  1. Multihousing Professional

Multihousing Professional prides itself on being a one-of-a-kind publication providing multihousing news and strategy for owners and operators seeking to increase their asset value through streamlined processes and best practices. And rightfully so! From providing tips from the pros to late-breaking industry stories to extensive market reports, Multihousing Professional can make sure readers stay up to date on the latest multifamily news available. Keeping this news source on the list, including their multifamily blog, is a must for those who want to be in the know.

  1. Association Publications

If you’re a multifamily professional, there’s no way you’ve gotten along without knowing about your local apartment association. And state association. And the national association. These apartment associations all produce great content and it’s content that is localized. If you’re looking to really dive into your specific state or region and the news that is most pertinent to and impacting the market you are in, then look no further than the content being curated by your local and state associations.

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No matter what the area of multifamily industry, there is likely a news source to cover it. With a little digging and simply jumping into one of these sources, you’ll find what is most desirable for you, your role, your market, and your interests. The five sources listed above certainly provide quite the comprehensive look at the industry, but are by no means all encompassing. They are great news sources to keep on rotation to stay current and to learn from.

Are there any personal favorites not on this list that you like going to for your news source? Let us know!

Until next time…keep it real!