By now, we all know just how critical having real estate video tours and equipping your team for virtual leasing is. It’s an absolute must have for any multifamily property’s leasing plan. But, one thing that’s shown true is just how important personalization is with these video tours and virtual leasing efforts. And in order to deliver true personalization with your virtual leasing efforts, your team needs to be able to create, host, and share these apartment video tours on their own. And that knowledge of how to create a real estate virtual tour or video tour is a skillset most leasing agents likely do not posses.

So, you want to make a great real estate video tour for your prospective resident. What do you do? Where do you start? 

We have some good news. If you’re looking for how to make a real estate video tour that is polished and professional, but stands out with your prospects, here are our four top tips to help you get started!

1.Practice, Practice, Practice 

If you want to learn how to shoot real estate video, you should start by practicing. As with most anything, getting out and practicing how to make a real estate video tour will be a huge help. Pull out your recording device (aka smartphone or tablet) and walk around recording your property. Do a walkthrough of a unit and record some of your common areas. Learn what lighting works best when and where, and what your style is for your videos. That will also give you an opportunity to practice your talking points. An even better practice scenario is to have a colleague pretend to be a prospective resident. Have them ask typical questions so you’re prepared to answer them in a live tour or make sure you address them in a pre-recorded version.

One key tip — make sure that you have the proper equipment to record polished, professional video tours. Here’s a quick list that can help!

2. Take Advantage of Your Resources 

The good news about the popularity and prevalence of real estate video tours and virtual leasing is that there are ample resources and experts to lean on for instruction, guidance, and to aid in success. To kick things off, you can look for real estate video courses and virtual leasing webinars. Any resource that will help you learn from others who have gone before you and found success with virtual leasing and video tours will help you make fewer mistakes as you get ramped up. There are now many sites and resources that offer real estate walkthrough video tutorials, insight on the best real estate video equipment, and more. Want to truly dive deep into your virtual leasing efforts? You can also find plenty of real estate videography courses targeted towards real estate video production and real estate video editing, and, of course, an integrated virtual leasing strategy.

One such partner? Realync! Not only does Realync offer the industry leading video leasing & engagement platform for multifamily leasing and management teams, but the Realync team is a training powerhouse for apartment video tips, tricks, best practices, benchmarks, and more. We actually mandate upfront training for every team launching Realync to ensure they’re equipped for success with Realync as their virtual leasing solution.

Start making video real estate tours with Realync

3. Find a Video Leasing Partner 

Speaking of finding the proper partner and platform for virtual leasing — it’s a great place to start! Not only will equipping your team with an actual video leasing solution ensure that all tours produced by your team are standardized and professional, but a purpose-built multifamily video platform will be cloud-based, shared by your entire team, and will offer the right integrations to ensure smooth virtual leasing processes. Being able to have your videos integrated top of funnel so that you can post your real estate videos for Facebook or develop real estate video ads is a top priority for many. Same with integrating into smart platforms like PERQ, Engrain, BetterBot and more to help nurture and convert traffic. Don’t forget about further down the funnel though with integrations into your platforms Yardi, Entrata, Anyone Home, Knock, and more.

While many teams have pushed forward with DIY video efforts, having the proper platform that’s integrated, streamlined across all properties and teams, and provides enterprise-level data, analytics, and reporting will be the ideal option to ensure longevity and ongoing success with your virtual leasing efforts.

4. Get it All in One Place 

If you’re looking to create your own real estate video, but also want / need the flexibility to do live video tours to connect in real-time with prospective residents, you absolutely can! There is only one platform built for multifamily leasing that offers both pre-recorded video tour creation as well as live virtual tours — Realync! Marry that with Realync’s industry-leading training and support, and your team(s) will not only be equipped with the best virtual leasing technology, but your team(s) will be backed by a support team that’s overseen success implementation and ongoing success for thousands of communities worldwide.

Looking for a quick sample of the valuable resources you’ll receive when you partner with Realync? Check here, here, here, and here. In addition, Realync means you can standardize videos across properties. Each community will have the opportunity to authentically and transparently show their space, without losing their property personality. However, all of these videos can be standardized with brand look and feel. Plus, these videos have built-in Fair Housing compliance as well. Oh – and you can create these professional real estate videos using nothing more than your mobile device. That means you can go ahead and stop Googling the best camera for real estate video 2020.

Virtual leasing is here and if consumers have it their way, it is here to stay. If your team is already equipped, it’s about time to get there as being able to offer virtual leasing efforts will be imperative to long-term leasing success. If you’d like help in getting there, please do reach out. Our team is ready and here to help!

Until next time…keep it real!