During the lease up phase of a community, it’s important to use all your resources. One you may be neglecting? Leveraging apartment lease up experts.

Sometimes, turning to industry veterans can be your biggest time saver to reach your lease up goals. They’ve likely seen it, lived it, and survived it. We’ve broken down a few ways following and listening to apartment lease up experts can help save you time and, most likely, money.

New Agents 

When you’re new to the game, there are many types of advice sources to pay attention to. Journals, websites, blogs…you name it. Or, maybe you’ve been around awhile and are an expert at how to market to apartment complexes, but, you’re new to the lease up path. If that’s the case and you’ve never developed an apartment lease up strategy, you may want to ask the experts. They are going to be a gold mine of information about how to make an apartment lease up checklist that will cover all of the bases.

From how to use marketing tools like live video tours to painting a picture in what is ostensibly a construction site, they have know-how. They can also help with social media strategy and all the behind the scenes work lease-up in multifamily communities require. So, whether you subscribe to their newsletter, follow their blog or social media platforms, or just reach out for a virtual coffee, these apartment lease up experts can get you where you need to be faster.

Veteran to Veteran

For those newer to the game, the reasons are clear. But, what if you’ve done dozens of lease-ups in your real estate career? Multifamily marketing plans are your sweet spot. However, when you’re walking the walk, it can be a little hard to stay on top of trends or new news. That’s where apartment lease up experts can be best at your service. These experts’ job is to stay in the know on what’s hot in all the different lease up real estate channels. Apartment leasing action plans or lease up property ideas, they are tasked with staying on top of it all.

So, find an expert who focuses on the space you need and use them. They curate all the information and data, offer resources, opinions and advice. It’s certainly going to save you time, and, as experts, they may have a little extra insight you’ll find valuable.


The value of networking is almost industry agnostic. Whether lease up vs stabilized, knowing others in the industry is only going to benefit you and your community. You can learn from one another or help each other meet others who may be able to help. For example, you may be struggling with marketing your lease up property. One of these apartment lease up experts may know of a marketing firm that specializes in apartment lease up companies or have an in with a lease up app developer. They can make that connection and you’ll be on your way.

It’s easy to say that you want to learn on your own. Or that you already “know the space.” Both of those things could very likely be true. However, it could also be hubris that negatively impacts you down the road. Take a look and find a few apartment lease up experts who resonate with you and how you do business. Then, take what you need from them and leave the rest. Who knows. They may turn to you one day for advice or just a check on industry trends.

Save time by connecting with apartment lease up experts