A good call-to-action, or CTA, can make or break your desired action. Imagine putting in all that work to create compelling content and the CTA, the specific action you want your audience to take, falls flat. Here’s the good news – we have the keys for you to start creating attention-grabbing CTAs.

Regardless of what the CTAs are for your multifamily marketing plan, they should all be as personalized as possible.

From apartment lease-up strategy to full resident retention, the most interesting and attention-grabbing CTAs are ones that resonate with an individual and their specific needs. Here are some examples of what we mean.

CTAs for Your Website

Most of the apartment digital marketing components of your multifamily marketing plan, like apartment SEO or even social media posts, likely lead back to your website. Which is great! That provides a ton of opportunities for really tailored and personalized CTAs. The best way for these CTAs to work is to integrate a popup after collecting some initial information on your prospect. But how can you collect information on a user who is just browsing your website?

For example, working with a partner like PERQ can really help to focus on those website pop-ups CTAs. PERQ uses artificial intelligence to create a website experience that is catered to each individual user based on the action they’re doing. This allows for various smart call-to-actions to pop up. The overall goal of any CTA is to gather information about a specific lead. PERQ helps you figure out what in particular that lead is interested in such as a certain floorplan, or other key amenities, or if they are looking for a dog or kid-friendly space. Based on that information, you can craft your CTAs to cater to those prospects. Here are a few CTA examples:

  1. Would this style of one-bedroom work for you?
  2. We are BIG foodies here at [community]? If that’s something you’re into, check out these great restaurants in the neighborhood.
  3. Do you love furry friends as much as we do? Our on-site dog run is a must for your pup then!
  4. One of these four nearby schools may be perfect for your family.

These CTAs give clarity into what your community has to offer. In addition, it gives direction on how a prospect could learn more about parts of your community.

Email and Text campaigns

It’s almost a given that email and text campaigns are in your apartment marketing plan. Email marketing isn’t new to multifamily and it’s something that will be around for a while. Why? It works! It works even better if you’re providing compelling CTAs that are – you guessed it – personalized to the prospect. Using the right CTAs will generate more results for you and your team.

5. Email and text campaigns are great outreach marketing ideas for a wide spectrum of prospects. The key is matching the information provided by a prospect in the CTA.

6. Don’t send an email with a CTA that says “check out this beautiful 3-bedroom unit” to a prospect who is looking for a studio. Try this instead. Check out the view from this studio – and it’s available right when you need it!

7. If your prospect is an avid runner, point out your fitness center or your local trail. Have you seen our local running trail and treadmills? They are here and ready to help you train for your next race.

8. Even if you have don’t have any information on a prospect, you can still personalize the CTA. Pitch the value and what it’s like to live in your community. Have CTAs that focus on your reviews, or the neighborhood and amenities. Residents love us – but don’t just take our word for it! Hear reviews from current residents on why this is THE place for them and even you.

9. If your prospect is further down the funnel, you can use a CTA that’s more direct or offers an incentive. Ready to get the keys? Sign your lease application today and we’ll waive the application fee.

10. Email and text are also a great way to engage current residents with your resident marketing ideas. Did you miss the fall festival? Well, make sure our holiday party is on your calendar here.

What’s Our Ultimate CTA Attention Grabber Advice?

It’s crucial that your CTA is relevant and links to information your audience will find valuable. However, if you’re looking to pull in more people, adding video to your CTA is going to be the most attention-grabbing.

We know video is an apartment marketing trend that really works. When a CTA links to a video, that’s the best type of CTA for any apartment marketing plan and will increase overall conversion. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

10. So, our final attention-grabbing CTA? Watch this video and get a real look into your next home!

There you have it. Personalization and video will engage the right prospects! No matter what the communication vehicle is, those two aspects will help those CTAs guide your prospective resident all the way to signed leases.

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